keeping afloat


I wrote this post earlier but it doesn’t seem to be showing up with the other posts…

I am still in shock. I keep thinking I am hearing his voice and I think I hear his footsteps, all 195 lbs of him. He was a giant. In so many ways. In his character, in his physical stature, in his maturity. I think he tried somewhat to act like a high school student; because every kid wants to fit in. Yet it wasn’t really him. He was a giant among boys.  He didn’t laugh at the misfortune of others. I truly believe he would have been friends with anyone if they had accepted him. Sometimes a bit of shyness held him back. A bit of self doubt. Yet there was so much love in his heart for everyone. His character was truly one in a million. It’s not fair. It’s just not fair.


5 thoughts on “keeping afloat

  1. Every parent shares your sorrow. Our hearts ache with you. The only solace there could be is that you had 15 years with this wonderful young man.


  2. Melissa, first of all, the death of your son is just beyond words…. My heart aches so deeply for you and your family. I just wanted you to know that my son Connor sat with Lucas at lunch everyday. Connor told me that the lunch table on Friday was silent. Connor had Lucas in his first hour class Honor’s Biology. Connor considered Lucas his friend. Connor also worked out at MVP after school and would see Lucas there. Connor always made great comments about Lucas like “Mom, he is so ripped! Guess what, he’s just a freshman!” Connor also said that he is just a really kind and polite, just a great guy. We are praying for you and your family. We are also praying for all of his friends at school. God Bless You!!! We will be there for visitation and for the funeral. He has made an impact on many and he will be missed at the lunch table…


  3. One of the comments that Sam has tearfully made was that Lucas was so amazing that he could have been friends with anyone, but he chose to be friends with everyone. One of many, many special qualities.


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