i’ll see you later

The celebration of life service for Lucas was more beautiful, more touching, more meaningful than I could ever hope for.  I learned things about my son that I didn’t even know.  I would imagine Lucas in heaven just bawling at its beauty. He was a crier- don’t tell anyone.  I felt like every word and every note came straight from heaven.  The quartet unknowingly picked my very favorite piece.    I know he would have been absolutely beaming at Christian playing the cello.  He was incredibly proud of Christian and his gift.  To know that Christian played through his pain in order to honor his friend would have blown him away.

Of course he would be been soooooooo embarrassed about all the wonderful things being said about him. I can imagine him being so annoyed, like “no. no.  I’m just a normal guy.  You guys are being ridiculous.”

He would have laughed so hard at the stories about Jakob and having the brilliant idea to shoot a frisbee while in his hand. The time they accidentally rode their bikes on the highway. John Chamoa saying his legs as an 8 year old were like a baby giraffe. The music played would have moved him.  That kid loved music more than anyone I know.  It was always rap when he got home from school and of course he wouldn’t use headphones so after a few minutes I would be like “Dude!” ‘Cmon! Brady and Bryleigh do not need to hear this!” most of the rap I hated, but there was a couple that made me want to start dancing. When he started doing his homework he would switch it up, sometimes Dvorak, sometimes Third Day,  or Led Zeppelin, or Bob Marley.  He went through a strange Nirvana stage too.  Anyways I digress.

He would have loved the message the most.  I know if he could have picked one thing that was most important to come through in the service it wouldn’t have been about his story, but God’s story.  He would have said- just skip all the stuff about me.  Just let them all know that Jesus loves them.  That Jesus died for them.  That this is not goodbye.

It’s see you later.


18 thoughts on “i’ll see you later

  1. Melissa I am so sorry for your pain and everything that you’re going through right now. I lost my son December 18, 2015 he was with some friends and they crossed road and he was the last one and was hit by a car it was out-of-state and I am so broken. I have another son who is seven years younger he’s just turned 13 and I’ve been seeing a therapist but I’ve just been through a horrible divorce seven months earlier. I’m trying my best but it’s sinking in now and it’s so hard I can understand how your world is shattered. It’s just such an amazing pain.
    sincerely ,


  2. Just beautiful!! Your words are so meaningful. I just feel your heart in these words! I am certain that hearts were turned toward Jesus today…because of Lucas. Hearts that didn’t know Jesus, they do now. What a legacy…one that WILL NOT be forgotten! #livelikelucas

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  3. Dear Melissa, I’ve been praying for you during your visitation time and during Lucas’ celebration of life. (I’m in Florida) my husband and I are good friends with Barb and Tony and I’ve contacted many of our friends around the country to cover you on prayer. My husband was at Ada Church today with you. He described the outpouring of love from the community. He was so overwhelmed with how much LIFE Lucas lived in his 15 years!! I am sure his light will shine on brighter than ever! Thank you for pouring out your heart and sharing with us. It is so evident that God is your refuge and strength. I will continue to pray you through tomorrow. Know that you’re have people around the world praying for you. Sending you love and hugs. Nancy crumback, Newhall Community Chirch (pianist)


  4. Oh Melissa… and family… moved to tears. What an awesome testament to Lucas’ legacy. This day must have been so incredibly hard, And yet obviously such beauty in the midst. I’m so very happy to hear how well your son was remembered. This is truly NOT goodbye… this is Until We Meet Again. Amen, Amen, Amen. Lifting you all up in prayer.


  5. It was absolutely the best celebration of life I’ve ever been to. Your words were amazing-need to be published-and the words about him….so wonderful. I think we all could have sat and listened all day. Love you.


  6. It is ABSOLUTELY see you later. As I was listening to the service and all the creative ways people spoke to honor him I remember the one where the man spoke about him running into God’s arms….. that morning I imagine he just felt God telling him to run, straight to him…. whether he knew it in that moment, it was something he felt compelled to do, to be called home to a greater place, to watch over all of us. My regret in this is losing touch with you and not knowing your family and him better. In the days before his passing you were on my mind….I am not sure what that means…. I certainly would never think anything like this would happen, but you were on my mind as I thought I saw u a few times…..(I don’t think it was you) As I listened to people speak of him today, it put me to shame about myself…..I thought if only I could be half the person he was…..I certainly do not feel nearly as wonderful…. this is what I should strive to be like….. and yes I agree it should not take a death to talk about how wonderful someone is. If people want to compliment someone they should always always do that! (I’m a crier too….it’s okay…. my mother always said it’s okay to cry, let it out. I admire that about him actually….) What an amazing kid. Hopefully someday I will meet him again in Heaven if I have the honor to do so. Love you Melissa and your sweet family. Hugs to you… and I hope to keep in touch better this time. See you later.


  7. Sounds exactly what a loving teenage son would say running out the house. See you later Mom.so sorry we could not be at the celebration service . We are in Ariz.but Tami & Megan said what a wonderful service it was. Praying for you & your beautiful children


  8. The celebration yesterday should be a template for all celebrations. It. Was.Profound. I was moved and broken and joyful and thankful all at the same time. Thank you.


  9. Very well written Melissa. I just wanted to share with you that on a daily basis I hear people speak of how moved they are by Lucas’ stories and your strong faith in God. I know several times Emma shared with me how amazed she was by Lucas. My thoughts and prayers are with your entire family.


  10. You are beautiful Melissa. Thank you for letting me be a part of Lucas’s journey….maybe not his earthly one, but his heavenly journey has changed my heart, my faith and I will continue to strive to live like Lucas, I can’t think of a greater blessing, thank you.


  11. I attended yesterday with my daughter. I didn’t know your son personally…but I left the service yesterday feeling a deep sense of loss that I did not have the chance to get to know your remarkable young man here on earth. I cannot think of any way his life could have been more honored than it was yesterday. (I especially loved his Playlist before the service. Having songs that you would usually never hear in church playing was so perfect because it was a glimpse into his regular ‘teenager-ness’). I am praying hard for all of you this week. I will continue to do so. Erica Shier


  12. Dear Melissa,
    Yesterday could not have been more perfect. From someone who didn’t know your precious son, but came to support you, I felt honored and privileged to learn about what an incredible young man you raised. It was a perfect balance of listening to hilarious stories, yet feeling the overwhelming heartbreak. He had to love the music you selected, including T.I. and “How He Loves Us.” The music was so powerful. This had to be the most difficult thing to put together, but you did so beautifully and honorably.
    Now in the calm after the storm, you can rely on your friends, family and community to live like Lucas and let his legacy live on. We will all be here for you, constantly praying for you and your family and supporting you.


  13. Melissa you have an incredible gift expressing your thoughts and revealing your heart in such a way…
    I get the feeling this incredible boy of yours had a heart like his mama’s.


  14. Oh Melissa, all of your writings bring me to tears. You write so well of your thoughts and experiences. I wanted so badly to be at the celebration of Lucas’s life yesterday, I knew it would be beautiful and moving and thought provoking just as you say it was. Ada Bible seems to do such a nice job at making a funeral a celebration of life and encouragement to go out and live the fullest life you can for Jesus, instead of sad and depressing because we do have the hope of seeing each other again! I hope many left Lucas’s celebration changed for eternity.: ) It seemed like most of the songs on the radio yesterday were just for you. I was hoping you would hear some of them and be encouraged to keep going. I keep Christian music playing in my house almost around the clock. It keeps me focused on Jesus and I know it changes the atmosphere.
    I heard something the other day that a father said after he lost his 19 year old daughter….If God said to you you can have this precious gift, this daughter for 19 years and then I will take her home would you say yes? And the father said he would absolutely say yes and take those 19 years despite all the pain and loss.
    I think of you often and will continue to pray for you and your family. You’re an amazing, strong woman of God Melissa!


  15. It sounds like it was an amazing service. You and you family have been on my mind and in my prayers. I am so glad to know that this celebration of Lucas’ life gave you comfort and peace…as it should have! God bless you!! You are not alone!!


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