Honoring and Grieving My Son

imageVAN SPRANGE Lucas Elliot Van Sprange, child of God, went to be with his Savior on Friday, January 16, 2015. He was born on January 6, 2000 and was a great light to everyone who knew him.

First and foremost Lucas loved Jesus and this showed in everything he did. Lucas was a compassionate, kind, loving young man whose heart and insight made him seem far wiser than his fifteen years.

Lucas adored his family. He was a doting big brother to Brooklyn, Brenna, Bryleigh and Brady, who he would do anything for. When one of them would cry Lucas would be the first to wrap his arms around them. He was always concerned with the welfare of others, ahead of himself.

Lucas was the joy of his parents, Melissa and Rich Conner, and Josh Bennett. Precious grandson to Doug & Linda Van Sprange, Tony & Barbara Bennett, Richard & Patricia Conner. Great-grandson to Nell Van Sprange Grasmeyer, Harvey & Lorraine Haverkamp. Lucas’s great-grandfather William C. Van Sprange welcomed him into Heaven. Loving nephew to Amy & Eric Oosterbaan and Jeremiah Bennett. Lucas’ best friends were Christian Donald and Jakob Adrianse. They were like brothers, inseparable.

True to his compassionate nature Lucas always wanted to help people. His dream was to be a doctor someday. Since Lucas was 10 years old, when he became severely ill with a brain infection, his goal was to save and enhance lives like his amazing doctors had done for him.

Lucas overcame the brain and heart infection like a champion with few lasting side effects. He was the most determined young man you would ever meet and highly intelligent. Lucas was an incredible writer with an astounding vocabulary. He had many interests and wanted to be the best he could be, mind, body and soul. He loved baseball since he was three years old and could first swing at a pitch thrown to him. Lucas took off his own bicycle training wheels at age three and went zooming down the road. Anything he put his mind to, he could do. He enjoyed working on go-carts with his Dad and hunting with his step dad. Lucas loved to travel, camp, fish, hike, waterski and snowboard. Spending time with family was one of his greatest joys.

The most important legacy of Lucas is his loving, compassionate heart. He was always trying to keep the peace. He never judged anyone. He treated everyone with kindness. We hope that everyone who knew him will take a piece of that with them and carry it in their hearts. Life is too, too short.


5 thoughts on “Honoring and Grieving My Son

  1. today is Jan. 26th..the 7th anniversary of the day my almost18 year old son died in a car accident…what a gift your words have been to me…thank you..Lucas and my Henry would have enjoyed each other


  2. I just want to tell you how beautiful and touching your word are. My heart aches for you and the emptiness and pain you feel. You, sharing this with the world is helping many more than you think. Those who are lucky to not walk in your shoes can feel some of your pain and understand that life is indeed too short. Teaching them that we must love God and to never take any moment for granted. I take your entries and translate them for my sister in law who is grieving the loss of her almost 16 year old daughter, who died December 4th. The same tragic way Lucas did. Her birthday is the same as your son’s and their personalities were so much alike. Too Beautiful, too perfect for this earth. She is encouraged and sadden by your words and feels as if she could have written them herself. Thank you for that, and I will continue to pray for you, for her and for every mother who has suffered such immense loss.


  3. I too have lost a son almost 7 months ago. 20 yrs old still at home. I cry as I read your blog as I feel what you are going through. God becomes that much more real and Heaven is just a blink away.when you lose someone who you love so much…They are there,in Heaven were we are striving to get! I have to focus on God is in control and has a plan..Not our plan! But to bring Glory to Him! We come to realize how many lives our kids have touched and being they’re parent
    never realize it! God has used them and will continue to use them and us as parents
    ..Thank You for your blog and you are not alone! We will see them again…


  4. It will be a year in a few days for you! May Gods arms surround you as is does not get easier,the grief does not go away.. its how you have learned to deal with that grief.God does make you stronger and a great testimony for him.. He Loves you and
    Gods arms were open and said “Lucas you are Home!”.. Thinking of you this week!


  5. Hi Melissa. I can’t even tell you how comforting your words are to me. I can’t imagine your pain. I just want to thank you for this blog. It helps me have hope and confidence that people who have had such great loss, can, and will, heal.
    Carole Gillespie


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